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Early Childhood Education


DA-NA S.I. Vision Statement:

In addition to languages ​​such as English, Korean, and French, children develop various languages of creative expression, ​​such as gestures, picture representations, and music. Through our curriculum, and also as members of society, they interact with various external factors and apply their learned knowledge, complete practical tasks, and grow into citizens who can lead lives in relationships with the world as creative, independent human beings. Our students are creative and self-directed problem solvers who have confidence in their individual abilities, respect others, and value diversity.

Welcome to DA-NA S.I.!

It is with great pride that we welcome students, parents, and staff to DA-NA S.I. Since our campus opened in March 2019, we have been offering an all English, Canadian curriculum right here in Yongin S. Korea and are dedicated to providing a world-class education to local Korean and International students. Our program is unique in that students at DA-NA S.I. will have a distinct advantage when they eventually apply to top universities in Canada, the US, and other Commonwealth countries in the future.

At DANA S.I. we are committed to our vision of educating the youth of tomorrow through our highly ranked Canadian curriculum. We are authorized to enroll Korean citizens, as well as, foreign students.

The teachers in our program are dedicated career professionals. They are caring, passionate, and driven to make our education center a dynamic place to learn. Our students are polite, caring for others, expected to work diligently in setting goals and always striving to attain them. Textbooks and learning materials are imported from Canada and are the same as those used in Canadian schools.

In addition, DA-NA S.I.'s education and curriculum is based on the educational philosophy of the Italian 'Reggio Emilia' Approach. This approach is a student-centered, self-guided curriculum that uses self-directed, experiential learning in relationship-driven environments. 


DA-NAS.I.'s training is conducted by applying 'small group project' activities to the Canadian curriculum, one of the main curricula of the 'Reggio Emilia approach'. Kindergarten courses from 3 to 5 years old and elementary courses from G1 to G6 are provided to help children continue to develop creative and convergent thinking.

We will encourage our students to be diligent, active, and honest, and to complete their work on time, to be involved in class and the education center community, and to speak English at all times.

Our admissions team will be glad to assist you in learning more about our academics programs, arrange to meet our faculty and staff, and have your questions answered.

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Thank you for choosing DA-NA S.I. We look forward to welcoming parents to be part of the DA-NA S.I. family, and wish the very best for our students.


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